Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trade Talk

Following up on last weeks post, I figured I ended up with about $80m isk in extra profit from Hulkageddon II. The strip miners made up the bulk of it, but I got very lucky with mining drones (both I and II) as well.

I was only trading in three regions. I think that if I had expanded a little more I would have been able to get at least a PLEX out of it. To that end, I have Wholesale V training finishing up in a few hours and then I have to shell out $90m isk to buy the Tycoon skill. The extra trade orders will certainly end up being worth it, but I haven't had to spend anywhere near that much on anything before.

This week I read a brilliant post over at Stabbed Up about a disposable pvp frigate. I learned a lot from it and he covered using trading to help in the process. This is primarily about having a PvP toon but recognizes how you can use the default trade skills (or some very cheap and easily trained skills) to maximize your isk. The buy order strategy he proposes is what everyone should do. If you have any open orders, you are cheating yourself.

For example, whenever I am on my combat toon, I put up a buy order for rifters at a little bit below market. Yes, it takes some of my money out of circulation, but when the orders eventually fill, I can end up saving 10-20k per ship. I do the same for fittings. After a while, this does add up to real money. I also have this toon put up sell orders for certain loot. They payout might end up being delayed, but it is so much better getting 200k for something than the 50k from a low buy order.


This is serious internet spaceship business.

And business is good!

Buy Low, Sell High and Fly Safe!!!

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