Sunday, January 10, 2010

Found Money

If you look at the Eve forums and twitter (especially #tweetfleet and #hulkageddon) you will see a lot of talk about Hulkageddon 2. This weeklong event targets Hulk mining ships in high-sec space. There are debates about all sorts of ways this is wrong and detrimental to the game, etc. My view is that this is a PvP game and it's all within the bounds of the sandbox in which we play.

Do you want to take away my Carebear™ membership card now?

Even if you don't participate in direct PvP actions, your life (and profit) as a trader is impacted.

As of this morning, over 800 ships have been popped. Each of those ships had strip mining lasers and other goodies on them. Some of those will survive the explosion and be grabbed by the killer (or their accomplices.) They can choose to keep them and take them back home or sell them.

Normally, the market for these items is stable. This predictable range of availability and pricing has been upset this week by this event. This is an opportunity for a trader.

Hulkageddon has made me somewhere in the 75-100 million isk range in the past three days. I know this is chump change to the big traders, but as a small time player, it will help pay for the Tycoon skill I need to buy in 11 days!

It took me about an hour to shuttle around and get all my buy orders set up. And, once this is over, I will need to take some time to research the new prices for each item and decide whether to hold or sell.

Why am I telling you all of this?

1) By looking at the market, the full time traders already have their orders up. This won't be new info to them.
2) There are still many places where a good buy order will work really well. You can easily buy T2 mining lasers for under 30% of retail.
3) I made my money and figure this could help one or more of you out.


Look at the Hulkageddon killboard. This will show you systems where hunting is happening. Look for location trends. I am guessing that more of the action will move closer to .5 space due to security hits taken earlier in the event. Look for item drop trends. See if fits appear to be changing.

Good luck and please comment if you are also having trading success this week.


This is serious internet spaceship business.

And business is good!

Buy Low, Sell High and Fly Safe!!!


  1. I also recommend building and selling destroyers (namely Catalysts) and T1 guns. Considering each hulk loss = 3+ destroyer losses unless they manage to bait the target and not get Concorded.

    I know that in Piekura a few days ago the market was completely stripped of Catalysts.

  2. sorry... that would be the entire system of Lonetrek... stripped of Catalysts...

  3. Great suggestion. I totally forgot about the aggressor side of the equation.

    I might just roam around looking for any left on the market in "my" regions.


  4. Great post, for short term traders, the people who trade in long term, dont dance on the winds in the sandbox (one hulkaggedon or more does not matter). Prices will pan out eventually. The buy outs by short term buyers will end up on the market eventually. And most likely in the same market they were sold in the first place. With hauling anything from a to b. Larger traders do haul a lot. So they will pick up the low prices anywere they monitor. Today its The Forge, tomorrow its heimatar, who cares? Its a few jumps onwards.