Monday, August 31, 2009

A Belated "Thank You" and a Note

The Thank You

The impetus for my post about Market PvP was a post by Casiella Truza called “Trading: the solo profession.” It got me thinking about how trading is viewed by non-traders and wanted to explore the aspects of traditional PvP as applied to the Market. So, I wanted to thank her for the idea to explore this avenue.

The most exciting part of the article is the concept of folks trading “in a fleet,” so to speak.

Other than information exchange, traders have very little room for cooperation with anyone else. Haulers can use escorts, of course, but while these two professions (hauling and trading) frequently overlap, we can’t view them entirely the same. Station traders may never undock during their entire career, and some haulers just work on courier contracts or for agents.

Pilots who intend to fly solo for the most part and have an interest in making a lot of ISK can do quite well for themselves in trading. But they shouldn’t expect a great deal of collaboration beyond information exchange.

It can be said that the only collaboration traders have is with their alts. Thinking about applying the same kind of coordinated effort used when flying to the Market is an interesting idea and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Note

The detail example in the previous post was something that worked for that particular time and region. Prices vary and what is a great order in one region is suicide in another. This was in no way a serious attempt to corner any sort of market, just showing how to make some pocket change by paying attention to current conditions.

There is a great old thread on the EVE Forums about someone cornering the market on +1 implants back in 2006/2007 and there are four pages of drama, accusations and just outright lies. Just from what a trader was doing. It isn’t all spreadsheets. It is about seeing your Wallet icon blink almost non-stop. It is about getting an insane ALL CAPS eve mail berating you for moving “their” market. Anyway, it’s a fun thread that is worth reading for the emotional reactions. The trading environment for that item has changed completely, so please don’t go buying those based on that thread.

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One Response to “A belated “Thank you” and a note”

  1. Casiella Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. I still haven’t quite figured out how to make it work yet, though. Other than collusion, I suppose. ;)


  1. Loved the linked Eve-O drama bomb thread.

    This made my day:

    "I have some funny entries in my wallet where I'm buying an implant from him at 375,000 only to sell them back to him later at 450,000. Always accompanied by an Evemail from him like "You Have NO Clue about how the market works do you?"."

  2. A pissed off trader can send Evemails that rival those of someone who has been podded with a head full of +4s. And for tiny amounts of money. We're touchy that way, I guess!