Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Another Mining Monday

Now that I have been back in EVE for nearly three months, I have started to see the need to establish schedules or something similar for doing certain ingame tasks. There are so many things to do that the opportunities to get distracted by shiny things (new alt! Scanning! Missions!) is always there. Likewise, there are things that I need to do often as a Trader (check bids! obsess over wallet! is that on the spreadsheet?) that are done haphazardly, if at all. And there are other things that I just like to do every now and then. I have a Retriever, but rarely mine. I have ok production skills, but leave BPO's languishing, unresearched.

To top it all off, I am seeing that I have been only logging in to either change skills, check some orders or do a quick mission or six. I am seeing a risk of getting bored just doing those things and start drifting away.

I am thinking that something too rigid like MINING MONDAY!!!!! is a little much, but maybe I should give it a shot before I dismiss the idea.

Mining on Monday
Play the Alt on Tuesday and Wednesday
Pick up that weeks' buy orders Thursday
Work the Spreadsheets and place orders Friday
Do fun stuff on the weekends - Play with some BP's, Find Wormholes, Mission/Salvage

Anyone else following some sort of schedule in order to enjoy all the parts of EVE that you want?


  1. I need to do something like this, because right now, I spread myself so thin among so many different activities that I don't do any of them well.

  2. I might set something like this up as well. In the same ship with Casiella, generalizing way too much. A schedule would really help get the most of my time in New Eden.

  3. I would totally set a schedule, but WH's aren't prone to enabling that. But I love the randomness of it, and profiting no matter what makes me happy. Used to follow a loose schedule when I lived in K-Space.